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Godhate - Blackened to be lyrics

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Blackened to be by Godhate

To many times we´ve been shackled to our feet
With words of disdain from the shallow men
Far too long the truth has been withheld
The genuine faith is the one that cling to our past
It´s a time to abolish the standards of the weak
It´s a time to put question to their rule
Years of slander now coming to it´s peak
Now feel the anguish in your faith
What has been will be again
And woe to you who force prayers upon me
Our sinful past will come alive
As we restore the kings for the future to be
Screaming, begging for a world to see
Converted by sins as a slave to his lies
he still not exists as you see
and your gifts felt nothing in the heart of man
It´s a time to enforce the slaves to see the truth
It´s a time to put hard times into light
´cause however you entreat to christ you´re
imperfect to your god
rep. Ref.
rep. 1 st. verse
rep. 2 nd. verse

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