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Goat Of Mendes - I Soar The Moonless Skies lyrics

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I Soar The Moonless Skies by Goat Of Mendes

A pack of wolves, my grey-clad children
Howl their triumph to the fading sun
Dusk is drawing nearer
My reign nocturnal has begun
The pallid, deathlike bloodmoon
Hides it's face beneath the festering clouds
The gloom, my silhouette hides
I soar the moonless skies
I prowl in eerie silence
Gaslit streets through the swirling mist
My undead thirst is growing
Blasphemous craving to deliver the Dark Kiss
Crimson wine of lascive flavour
Is pulsing through your heaving vein
With my embrace, I introduce you
My loving bride to my lightless domain
The light's what you should fear
Gaze in my bottomless eyes
And fall for me my Dear
I soar the moonless skies
With infernal charms
I tie your soul and make you my dark queen
Your ivory neck, I tenderly kiss
Unearthly love you've never, ever seen
I sow the seed of boundless evil
On your white skin I leave my crimson mark
Lustful but lethal, my sweetest poison
Makes you a minion of the Dark
I may grant you life eternal
As the night falls, I arise
I am the lurker in the shadows
And I will soar the moonless skies
Oh Dark Lord, I want you near by me
Your presence drowns all what I fear
With your slender, guiding hand I'll be
Your Queen of Night eternally
I'm overcome by your hypnotic gaze
Shaken with joy in most mysterious ways
Show me where the lonesome raven flies
And soar with me the moonless skies

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