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Goapele - Romantic lyrics

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Romantic by Goapele

Oooooh, ooh, oh
Oooooh, ooh, oh
[verse 1]
Kiss my wounds
Love me tender
Buy me flowers i've never seen
Wake me up from my dreams
To bring me french toast and tea
In the morning light
Fly across country to spend
The night
You said you'd steer a boat across the atlantic
'cause you're so f**king romantic
I can't stand
When i look in your eyes
Unconditionalness sweetness uncompromised
You set the standard for many things
I wasn't sure what it would (?) bring
You're so f**king romantic
[verse 2]
Other men wouldn't call
Just to say "i love you
Take your time
But i miss you
Is it okay
If i see you
I'll kiss you everywhere anywhere"
Damn sure, me
Please let this moment be
You're always tempting me
'cause you're so f**king romantic
[verse 3]
We say the same words
At the same time
I start a sentence
You finish mine
Laugh at my jokes when i wanna cry
And when i feel lost
I look in your eyes
Even in front of your boys
You wouldn't lie
You say
"i gotta see my baby tonight"
[chorus 2x]
'cause you're so f**king romantic
Kiss me 'til i'm frantic

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