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Gits - Precious Blood lyrics

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Precious Blood by Gits

All these things I want
The most. But they're
Usually one step ahead
Of my reach But they
Always stand close
Enough to take me to
The next fucking trance
'Cause when it cuts it
Really does My soul has
Spared the blood yeah yeah
Don't know how long it's
Gonna take but I'm gonna
Need need need a little more
One day
Sometimes I just want to
Know faster than my precious
Blood will let me roll. Is it real?
Oh tell my is it wrong for me
To keep these dreams Strong is
My mind
'Cause when it cuts it just
Get's deeper baby Like when I
Go to touch you you're
Further from me yeah yeah
I fucking wait and wait and
Wait I'm gonna get me get me
Get me a little more one day
Oh It's laying tiled in me and
When I see it there it makes me
Want to
No one realizes. to me it does
When it sees me there it's the
Only thing I can do stop it in it's
Place just live through this hell
We live
Weaving the isles they get heavy
On me weaving the isles they just
Hold the pain. Weaving the time
I get heavy get weak. Weaving the
Isles they just sold the pain it is
No game all in all it comes back
To me
No one realizes but me with
Every sip of poison I take it's
So real in me nobody else
But it burns in me strong is
My mind
'Cause when it cuts it just gets
Deeper like when I go to touch
You just get further me
Yeah yeah don't know how long it's going to take but I'm gonna get me get me a little more one day

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