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Generators - Trainwreck lyrics

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Trainwreck by Generators

Coming right down
Coming right down the line
The pistons fire away
But they´re never in time
The consequences
Lye at every bend
The end, the end, the end
Broken and cracked at every point
Crashing right into every joint
The engine demands more gasoline to fire
Get higher and higher and higher
Back and forth your core is shaking
Locking wheels the cars go breaking
Derailing into this crowded platform
The wheels are greased
But the motors seized
The journey never gets made in god-speed
A whole lifetime of rolling in the wrong
Direction, direction...
Riding the rails
Pulling out the nails
Smoke and dust is all that trails
The end never justify´s the means
You see
You´re a train wreck
Tangled on these tracks
And you ain´t coming back
Cause you rolled right off the line
Train wreck
Down to your last breath
To the bitter end
Because you rolled right off the line

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