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Gay Dad - Sentimental Na Onigokko (English) lyrics

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Sentimental Na Onigokko (English) by Gay Dad

Sentimental game of tag
Aaaaaaaa. I am the introverted/pessimistic four-eyes1
I fall in love with the hobby of that kid
AAAAAAAA. The Idol-sama of class 2 of the 6th year
Whaaaaat~ "I am the victim " oi
Accelerating persecution complex
The contents of an existence ; "Trash" "chararira"2
The bullying kid, The bullied kid
The Seesaw-game of me and that kid!
Please take care of me until the day gets dark
Please touch me until I get in the mood
For that the kid will be delighted
Just throw away the high priced pride
Sentimental infamy As for the brain losing youngster
He takes today ËËË photos of that kid, too
R-rated3 perfection Kneel down in front of the camera for an erotic photograph!?
Please take care until the day gets dark
Please touch me until I get in the mood
Until that kid is delighted
Ecstasy mode, let's enjoy the current state of our climax
Always always aalways
They all come together
To hurt me
Don't make that face!
The evening glow stings my eyes so that I want to make dramatic love-making
It's like the platonic me could not say I love you, I love you
Nevertheless I should have known it from the beginning
My feelings are only too forward and I can't suppress them.
However it is sad that I begin to hate you
But regardless how many times I say I will forget, I will forget it's not possible
If that kid would be able to give me a smile
Only that would make me very happy
Although it seems to be painful and painful to cry
It was as delightful as losing consciousness
The evening glow around 5 o'clock in the afternoon
I point my finger and sing to that kid
I love you I love you with all my heart
Let's wait until it applies to the ears

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