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Gay Dad - Last Bouquet lyrics

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Last Bouquet by Gay Dad

Hey, you are observing the emotions on my face like that
To choose your words so you don't hurt me, right?
"The reason to why we can't believe each other is... ?" Your fault?
"Because I couldn't believe you is it... ?" My fault?
Every time I laugh, you look so lonely
Are you able to laugh when I'm struggling?
Yes, I'm running away from your words again
And while making your wounds deeper I was robbing you of your place
"I wasn't able to notice?" That's not it
"I was pretending not to notice" And I was avoiding.
Your voice that I heard calling me so often
I cover my ears again and say silent words " "
Every time you want me, This heart peels away
You desperately choose your words Because this was your only place
Every time you love me, This love peels away
You can't return to your place that had become your support for living
To you, still puzzled Even though the string is already cut
Calling my name over and over again, Your ringtone[sound] that cries out to be connected
Remembering over and over again, Don't forgive unfair me
Don't cry over and over again, I can't love you
What I wish over and over again, Don't love me anymore
I want you to curse me Don't make me a memory
I want you to forget me
This song is my last flower to you, And my last love
This is the moment that I realize how unfair I am.

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