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Gathering - Travel lyrics

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Travel by Gathering

"The Mirror Waters"
Birth, age, death. The sudden realization
of aging and attempts to hide from time.
Time is crucial yet essential.
For ever and never, life lies between them.
Imagine emotions as being a lake the water can be calm or stormy.
But can it be frozen; can emotions reach freezing point?
"In Sickness And Health"
Through marriage we're bonded by death we're separated.
But sometimes our dreams can keep us together.
Life is transitory but love can be eternal.
"King For A Day"
Stories about unicorns and dragons are just fairytales,
so we're told. But don't we all have our personal dragons?
Fantasy is a world not far from reality.
"Second Sunrise"
Peace comes through thinking with your heart and not with words.
Until then we'll just light another candle for this world.
The dreamer walks a lonely journey.
Through the sky he flies but with his feet on the ground,
knowing the moon is always with him.
Sometimes words can not say what the heart feels.
Music can express the things our language cannot.
"Gaya's Dream"
Infatuated by the extensiveness of the universe,
it's easy to forget one of the most complex enigma's of this world:
The human mind, a universe of its own.

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