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Gary Granada - Marketplace lyrics

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Marketplace by Gary Granada

Dayda dayday dadayday...
The words of the prophet were simple and plain
And yet to the learned he sounded insane
He asked for repentance from all who have sinned
Not a reed simply swayed by the wind
And when the Messiah's turn came to pass
The savior was cursed by the same petty class
They said John had a demon, he tasted no wine
And Christ was a glutton, with drunkards he dined
Dayda dayday dadayday...
Their lines were not cute nor their gestures or voice
They played with the flute but the crowd won't rejoice
The watchman had sounded their trumpets to warn
They chanted a dirge but the people didn't mourn
Dayda dayday dadayday...
In Jesus's tradition his followers preached
The world's destitution they touched and they reached
But six thousand years never changed it a bit
The old and the same marketplace
We're looking for miracles, wonders and signs
For a marvelous spectacle we fall in line
For silver and gold and fine raiment and fame
As though they were a prize in a spiritual game
Dayda dayday dadayday...
We're deaf and we're mute and we gave them no chance
They fiddled the flute but then nobody danced
They're true to their words and their pledges they kept
They sang in a dirge but nobody wept
Dayda dayday dadayday...

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