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Gardenian - The Downfall lyrics

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The Downfall by Gardenian

Even though it sounds easy you should
Relate to the fall
My inner words of rage
Bursting through my head
If it is what it seems
You should be much closer
To the rage that I feel
It's glowing
Deep down in my mind I see you
Feel the same as me stay brave
As they always stare right through you
They don't notice you
Even though they should,
You're a quite special guy
That's what you think
Don't you, but you're nothing!
You mean nothing to me
Nothing special at all
You are just a looser that sickens us all
You should try to end it all
You're confused by your tolerance
That's just totally unnecessary right now!
Just end your life
Downfall, Downfall, Downfall
End your life now
[repeat chorus]

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