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Gangsta Boo - Same block lyrics

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Same block by Gangsta Boo

[Verse 1]
If you buck then say so, push a nigga off
With the quickness of my glock fo sheezy, blast a nigga off!
Smoke you like you dro', f**k a sissy hoe, since you wanted to know
Gangsta Boo ain't scared of you, I'll walk up to yo' f**king do'
Na- Na- Na- Na- Na, you can't touch me silly trick
What's the business b**ch? I'm the lady of this Memphis sh*t
Yes I got the hollow words, secret follow words, where the dollar words
Crazy lady yeah, millionaires, sporting Cartiers
Why don't you come around here, let me put you on some f**kin game
You b**ches be lame, dope game, my game hoe!
Yes you, yes you bought, f**k what you haters be thinking or saying
Yes you, yes you bought my CD anyway
I'm a come on out, gold and diamonds in my f**king mouth
What you talking 'bout? So so scandalous stay representin the South
Riding on them thangs, tryna dodge you player haters man
I'm a stay the same, f**k whoever talking 'bout I done changed
[Chorus: 4X]
I be at the same block, same hood
Same house, same sto', same folks
Looking good b**ch, I ain't changed hoe!
[Verse 2]
Can I ask you something, what you b**ches tryna prove?
Acting like you buck, when really you look like a damn fool
See me in the streets, you try to chief, and smoke all your weed
I don't want that babby-jazzy sh*t, I don't speak seeds
Nigga, nigga please I'm Miss Pimpin-Villain Gangsta Boo
f**kin with my niggas, paper chasing tryna get this loot
I ain't tryna take no sh*t, or be labled as a duck
Never will I go out like that, you got me f**ked up!
You b**ches be talking that sh*t, do you think that you can handle me?
Raised in B.H.Z., slash North Memphis Tennessee
I don't think so, go and call yo' mother f**king crew
I know where yo' mama stay, I'll send a bullet straight through
Staying high, oh so, oh so high, I'm quick to lose my temper
b**ch, smack you, stomp you down b**ch, it be that simple
You know that I be riding in fast cars, quick to hit the strip bar
Sippin on some syrup (sippin on some si-zzurp)
[Verse 3]
Nigga come and take a ride, what you b**ches know about?
f**k you b**ches, stick a mother f**king gun in yo' mouth
Hoes be hating cuz I made it rich, "oohhh...lucky b**ch!"
Been down and for years, I still remain untouchable b**ch!
Always be the one mean-mugging me, you groupie hoe
Then after the show, you be the one on the flo'
Why you mad at me cuz i chose to, chose to keep it real?
b**ch get bout yo' cheese, stay about yo' hustle only for real
Niggas wanna f**k when they see me on the B.E.T.
Riding in my truck, I pop a flick up in the DVD
Balling through Black Haven, deep as hell in that Suburban man
You silly ass b**ches, you wish you could see the sh*t that I be seeing man
Still I stay the same, ghetto diva known as Gangsta Boo
Undergroundin' clownin', upside downin', b**ch I thought you knew
Catch me on my corner burner undershirt, some heat
If you got some questions, catch me in the mother-f**king streets (Bee-yotch!)
[Repeat Chorus to end]

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