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Gangsta Boo - M-Town Representatives lyrics

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M-Town Representatives by Gangsta Boo

Feat. Hypnotize Camp Posse
[Dj Paul]
Niggas you roll them dice
You better except how they fall
Nigga you f**king wit Juice
Nigga you f**king wit Paul
Nigga you f**king wit Boo
Nigga you f**king wit Black
Lil b**ch you f**king wit Lord
Lil b**ch you f**king wit Pat
Nigga you f**king wit Roc
Nigga you f**king wit Chat
And if you f**k wit La Chat
We blow your chest through your back
And if you f**k wit anyone else
I don't give a f**k
Because they don't plead and breed HCP nigga what
[Lord Infamous]
I always leave them in suspense
Better put up your defense
Cuz these 44 satits
Niggas catch a body risk
Bloody glock bloody trench
Bloody bodies on the fence
Bloody legion
All you b**ches bloody six is in the mist
Oh my Lord, Infamous
Cock the hammer let it split
I'm the damager carnage
I'm the razor in your wrist
I'm the medicine you hit
Got you f**king throwing fits
Kicking chairs and swinging fists
How long can you get to this?
[Crunchy Black]
It started way back when a nigga was a kid
I stick and move my nigga
That's the sh*t that I did
I broke a few f**king bones
And I cast few stones
I pulled a few f**king tone
Man that sh*t went wrong
You got me stuck in the zone
When a nigga doing wrong
I pop you once in your head with that goddamn chrome
Don't give a f**k motherf**ker
If your family moarn
Shouldna stepped to me dawg
Shouldna stepped to me at all
You weak busta!
[Project Pat]
A mistaken ID
Wanna put me in the po-key
Cuz I'm on parole
Police swearing that they know he
Had to do the sh*t
Cuz Project Pat is a convict

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