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Gamma Ray - Insurrection lyrics

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Insurrection by Gamma Ray

I look out to the stormy sea
I wish upon a star
Pulsating light to comfort me
But oh, it seems so far
So as I stand I realize
I wish that I'll be there
About to give up all my life
and vanish in thin air
But I know, as I dream
all the world has passed me by
and I know I should do better
for you and me tonight
I'm coming home, Yeah!
There were stars in the eyes at the masquerade
and the King was lost in the grand illusion
Well, the the day has come , they've lost the way
and the Joker laughs at the mass confusion
They stand and stare
Now listen all you people
This is what I say
Raise my voice in anger
I'm trying to get away
....... from all
Now listen, what you're doing
is just not good at all
the silly games you're playing
are raising up the wall
Time goes by, the world we love
is gone.....forever
Are we ever gonna change our way
Will we ever stop the fury
Is it life or will we just decay
Will we lose or stand in glory
Insurrection-God election
Heavy changes make my day
Storm the spire, Hearts on fire
Storm is coming on its way

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