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Gaither Drake - The Path Not Taken lyrics

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The Path Not Taken by Gaither Drake

What if he hadn't made the choice he made?
What if he'd been willing to throw the dice?
What if he'd been willing to pay the price?
Would it have been different had he traveled the path not taken
You get there quicker on the Interstate
The road is smoother but the view's not great
It's easy on the tires and the gasoline
But the towns and the people that you might have seen
Pass right by in the dead of the night
Forever to remain out of your sight
They'll be no photographs worth taking
No memories that are worth relating
You might regret that you've forsaken
The chance to take the path not taken
What if he hadn't played the cards he laid?
What if he'd been willing to take one more hit?
To go for broke instead of faking it
Would it have been different had he gone for the inside straight
You lose less money on the nickel machine
The coins still jingle and the bells still ring
You never gotta worry 'bout losing it all
The risk is lower but the payoff's small
There ain't much sense getting carried away
Hoping for a winner on a long shot play
You never had the guts to make a big parlay
So take your twenty dollars and just call it a day
Even though your confidence might be shaken
By taking a pass on the path not taken
The journey is over and he's glad he made good time
The motor seems to be running smooth
But there's something inside that he can't soothe
Can't stop himself from wondering what was waiting on the path not taken
Got a good job and lots of cool stuff
Times being what they are it ought to be enough
Everything's in order, nothing out of place
Everyone around him got a smile on their face
But even though he acts like things are going well
Underneath the surface lies an empty shell
He knows he'll never get another chance to fill it
Pours another drink and tries not to spill it
Falls into a sleep from which he'll soon awaken
Dreaming about walking down the path not taken

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