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Gaither Drake - The Girl Downstairs lyrics

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The Girl Downstairs by Gaither Drake

The girl downstairs has golden hair
That sparkles when it shines
And watching from my window makes me want to make her mine
Whenever I see her I feel some confusion
But it's an illusion
That maybe she'll look at me
And someday she'll want to be
The woman of my dreams
The girl downstairs is waking up
I just heard her TV
And one of these days if I have my way
She'll be waking next to me
She's out of my league, but not in my dreams
She's always what she seems
And if I get caught in a bind
She never is far behind
At least not in my dreams
The girl downstairs just smiled at me as I went to park my car
Start to thinking maybe that it's not just me
Who's admiring from afar
It's not a bad thing, it's just an obsession
I'll make that confession
Now I have to go downstairs
To see if her love is there
And not just in my dreams
The girl downstairs got real scared
Called the cops on me
And now they say I've got to go away
I've got to let her be
I guess I was wrong – I guess it was me
That it wasn't she
But over at my new place
There's a girl with a pretty face
The woman of my dreams

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