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Gaias Pendulum - Charlie lyrics

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Charlie by Gaias Pendulum

My daddy left home 'fore I met him
My mama knew that I was sad
She brought home a puppy named Charlie
T'was the best dog that I ever had
We hung out each morning and evening
Till kindergarten took me away
And Charlie would stand by the door looking lonely
I'd look down at him and I'd say
Charlie I'll be home soon
And then we can be together
You'll give me a lick, and we'll head down the crick
Me and you – we'll be buddies forever
So don't let your heart fill with gloom
I'm coming home soon
I never was much of a scholar
Dropped out when I was seventeen
One day a recruiter came a-knockin'
And soon I became a Marine
I figured I'd put in my time
Sort out what I wanted to do
But Afghanistan wasn't part of the plan
Now I'm up in a tower with a gun in my hand
Then I got me a letter from Mama
She said that you died by the door
Waiting for the day when I'd come home to play
Like I'd done so often before
Saying Charlie I'll be home soon
And I know that you're gonna be waiting
I'll toss you a stick, and we'll head down the crick
There's a couple of hooks that need baiting
In the heat of a long afternoon
I'm coming home soon
The end of my tour was nearing
In a couple of days I'd be free
Came the moment I'd always been fearing
Heard the blast of an IED
I think I'll head home for the summer
Dig out my creel and my pole
Me an my dog will just sit on a log
By the edge of the old fishing hole
I'm thinking 'bout my mama and Charlie
Wish it would last forever
In my last dying breath as I face my own death
I said "Charlie we'll soon be together"
Charlie I'll be home soon
We'll go on a hike through the canyon
I'll take you away for a long summer day
And you'll always be my companion
By the light of a gold harvest moon
I'm coming home soon

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