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Gackt - December love song (in gacktese) lyrics

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December love song (in gacktese) by Gackt

The eebneeng rites, kararing da nights buezee abanooz
Dohn za street bweens blat memreez uv you
Nah I am watshing ahs wavas pass muh by
Finding yuh shadows in zee vyoos of my uhz
Nah I am here, ah alone.
Remenbarin ja time we oosd tah laugh tagehzah
In za fall of ja col
I shteel zink of you
Wandring iv you feel da sehm.
Sehn yo smaye foh me
Eben adough you cry fo me
Remember me and love me always
Love en smaye foh me
Hohd ohn to ohl dat we hahd
Remembering and love me again.
I'm so depruhsd and ribing a quiet life now
Dehr iz no one here in wish to hoh heds
Ohr protect me from za coll
Feerin like diz roniess ril teah me apah
Ah am wayen an rukin for ya voice
To geh me ah of za dahk
Snowflake fah dahn rike tears dat runeen dahn me face
I wanna hohl just one moh time
I zink of you naye en day
Wandahreen if you shteel fee da sehm
Been enjah sirense of ja naye
Fah into my arms and I hohl you so taye
My kiss vil guide ah miseen hahdz
En tell me yur ruv me gen
Sehy yo smaye foh me
Ebin adough you cry foh me
Remember me and love me always
Rub en smaye foh me
Hohd on to ohl dat we hed
Remenbering en rub me again

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