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Funkdoobiest - The Funkiest lyrics

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The Funkiest by Funkdoobiest

It was the voice of a couragous explorer a man dedicated to the
persuit of
man's knowledge and the expansion of his horizons
The funkiest the funkiest
Check it all I need's a second to wreck it
My thoughts are collected for the funk expect it
I'm iller than a porno I got skills like Zoro
Who's Perry Kwomo? Tomorrow tomorrow
Like Ophan Annie yo it's the uncanny
Doobie with bonified funk for your fanny
Suckers, I pick 'em, so who be my victim
BLRRLL stick 'em, and boogers, I flick 'em
I'm guilty your honor, I rock like Nirvana
So fuck a pihrana, just like Jeffory Dahmer
I'll slice 'em, dice 'em, 'em
Yo, step to the Son and I'll fuck you guys up
Ring around the rosies to the funk, you punk
I flips, smacks, and paddy wack and does all that junk
Watch how many scram, your sweet like candied yams
But I freak the style like if I was Handiman
"Uh-oh, um I think we're in trouble"
'Cause girls call me Dumbo, and guys wanna rumble
Yet I'm hard like a diamond, I'll sing like Phyllis Hyman
The action packed rhyming like uh Simon & Simon
??? word, the fuckers smell like terds
'Cause mommy will buy you a mocking bird
Mary's quite contrary, taking out these fairies
Eaten out the assholes like Tom did Jerry
Yo son, kick that shit
Hey Peter, Peter, you fat pumpkin eater
You know I kicks flavor just like Velveta
I'll scream like Aritha, so follow the leader
From here to Madina, like Sarafina
I yell hellalujah, you're fat like Lex Luther
To master mind the funk, do ya? Do ya
The crazy I'll Hitler, who performs like a fiddler
I'm I'll like the Riddler, fuck a Bette Midler

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