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Funkadelic - Undisco Kidd lyrics

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Undisco Kidd by Funkadelic

She's bad! The girl is bad!
Bad! The lady is bad!
Now the kid was kick-back, lining the cut
Eatin' some fish and chips
And this freaky little groupie
>From the funky side of town
Begin to give him some lip
She was babblin' about how bad, ah
She could do the bump
The kid said on the real side of things
Bertha, you got too much rump to bump!
Move, your sexy body
Baby, let me see you move it all across the floor
Move, your sexy body
Every time you wiggle you hear the men holler for more
The girl is bad!
I'm on the ten most wanted list
I've got it dead in the groove
My face is on every wanted poster in town
For the way I move (move)
I'm public enemy

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