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Funeral Mist - The Blood Of Chaos lyrics

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The Blood Of Chaos by Funeral Mist

The temple of the damned ones once buried under desert
The temple of the unholy ones once buried under mountain
The temple of the enlightened ones once buried in the
Salt sea
Have risen to the surface into the world
To announce the coming of the ancient ones
At the altars of flesh and bones that form the pillars of
Death to come
We pray to our Lord Kingu
Master of war and plague
Who´s rebellion and hate floats in our veins
That he may rise again and bestow his power upon his
To strengthen us with his dreadful power
To destroy what never should have taken from
Oh Master Kingu
Hear the descendants of thy unholy bloodline
We are the rebel army that broke the chains of slavery
Master Kingu rise once again
The spells that once chained thou have been broken
Lead thy army once again
For thy blood floats in our veins
And our spirit to wage war is rising day by day
The blood of Chaos

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