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Fu ManChu - Thinkin' out loud lyrics

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Thinkin' out loud by Fu ManChu

A day unlike I have seen,
No sound, no smell,
Know what I mean?
Now I'll see what today will bring.
Earth opens wide,
Swallows me whole.
I slide to where I do not know,
The end of life as I've known.
Cus I've been..
Searching for something,
Down here,
Thinking out loud.
Wating for nothing,
My mind's been
Thinking out loud.
I end up where I began,
Or is this part of the plan?
I slowly turn my head around..
(Chorus x 2)
I walk alone,
The town is dry.
I recall ( profit/prophet from/filled? ) the sky
Earth opened wide, swallowed me whole,
So on and on I go...
(Chorus x 2)

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