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Friends Of Emmet - Zanzibar lyrics

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Zanzibar by Friends Of Emmet

Verse 1
City lights burning so brightly, they beckon me home.
The tales of the past, lie under the surfaces cold.
They taunt me with memories beyond the Zanzibar high.
Drown me in sorrows that led me so close I could die.
Take me inside.
I'll step off the ride.
Lead me to home.
To things I have known.
And I'm fading,
Watching that resevoir fading.
Leaving that resevoir high.
Leaving that resevoir dry.
These city streets change, but their essence is still just the same.
And Zanzibar stands like a vision of torment, now tame.
The victims' are healed, and the scars have all recently dried.
The blood now flows freely within, and has nothing to hide.
Verse 3
It's last call for alcohol,
Celebrate, swim with the tide.
Well the resevoirs' ceding and leaving me nothing to hide.

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