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Snuggle Buddies (choo Choo) Lyrics

by Friday Night Cranks


Snuggle Buddies (choo Choo) Song Lyrics

Snuggle Buddies (choo Choo) by Friday Night Cranks

Snuggle buddies snuggle buddies choo choo
Snuggle buddies snuggle buddies choo choo
Snuggle buddies snuggle buddies choo choo
Snuggle buddies snuggle buddies choo choo

What's up everyone? it's time for you to hear
About one of the greatest prank calls of our career
It started off friday night in mid july
The prank was so epic we were trying not to cry
Branden comes in like he's a beast at child care,
With customer support for build a bear
Throwing up, bird noises, yeah that's how we roll
Nothings of limits for a prank call troll.

Once I turn into Michelle, you know we go hard
We say what's on our mind no matter how bizarre
When the prankies throw curve balls you know we bounce back
Prank callin', getting scared like they're under attack.
Once you hear "hellllllooo" you know sh*t is goin' down
No one gets away with nothin' while Michelle's around
Let me hear you all sing it "snuggle buddies, choo choo!"
Now, who wants to snuggle with the FNC crew?

It's Branden! hey b**ches what's good?
I am the champion of snuggles in my neighborhood
I see a huggle session later, cause I'm a clairvoyant
Don't think I'll go easy just because I'm flamboyant
I can cuddle non stop, all day and all night
I'll be the spoon, or the fork, just whatever feels right
Most people cuddle soft, but you know I do it hard
I have snuggled more b**ches than the national guard
You wanna take me out first? I might have to decline
I got so many other b**ches waiting in line
My snuggles are so nice, from my head to my feet
I'll snuggle you so tight like a fat kid baby seat
I can do all this and more, because I'm a beast
It'll bring world peace from the west, to the east
If you leave before I'm done, things will have to get bloody
I only want the best, if you'll be my snuggle buddy

It's lil' mc
Goin' hard on this beat
I got gangster running through me from my head to my feet
I get so crazy, even bears are scared of me
I can rip their heads off like 1, 2, 3
Brown bears, black bears, grizzly bears, panda bears
Polar bears, pooh bears, and those fother mucking care bears
I'll eat any kind, raw, fried, or grilled
But my favorite kind of bears are the ones I can build
I can make it a princess, or a doctor, or a nurse,
But I have to make sure I save the stuffing for dessert!
Once my belly's full, the fun never ends.
I love to snuggle huggle with my very best friends
We can snuggle real hard, but we'll have to do it quickly,
If we cuddle too long, then things will get sticky.
I'm michelle b**ch fear me, but if you wanna be my homie
Just sing the snuggle song to me when I get lonely (it goes)

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