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Frenzal Rhomb - It's Up To You lyrics

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It's Up To You by Frenzal Rhomb

Never touch a man with the power to exploit
Never touched a wanker(?) with the power to reform
Chance to act now, i feel proud
With my ??? and drive yourself around
Go to much trouble for making up laws
It's not as fun as fighting for your choice
Don't trust em all
These are the rules
Much you can do for someone else
It's up to you to fight
You've got to be strong when you're right
Do it for the power of obvious lies
When the real power brokers are in disguise
You teachers, priests, family and friends
When your own education is a means to within
They start to leave the artificial side of the state
You think so now but it's started too late
Fuck all the heroes
Fuck all the deros
Throw a spanner in the works
It's time that we ??? that private sign
Something about the reason but there is no lie
I never under estimated the power of one
I never feel safe when done is done
You're so empty
Stand and fight
One thing you can check

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