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Frenzal Rhomb - I Miss My Lung lyrics

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I Miss My Lung by Frenzal Rhomb

Another Sunday morning
Another boring day
Another lonely sunrise
Takes my breath away
I miss my lung
I thought you'd never leave me
God how I was wrong
A part of me is missing
It seems it's been so long
I miss my lung
After all the songs are sung
I miss my lung
I tried to forget you
And live with my regrets
I tried not to miss you
I recall your lovely breath
I miss my lung
As vital as the sun
I miss my lung
Worse than a broken heart
Worse than a poison tongue
Worse than an evil eye
Is you missing lung
I took you for granted
It's ended up in tears
I miss you more than showers
It's been about a year
I loved you like no other
How can I live on?
I hope that you can hear me
It's for you I wrote this song

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