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Royal Flush

by Free Kitten


Royal Flush Song Lyrics

Royal Flush by Free Kitten

The higher we go the sooner you fall
She shaker pop queen going round scene
You're really lonely see what I mean
Lost our job to the sugar pop queen

Lookin' in the mirror makes you scream
Don't feel bad you're just a little green
Lean and mean I'm yr sugar pop queen
Cream cream yeah I know what you mean
Deep down inside it don't feel dryclean
Messin' messin' with the sugar pop queen

The harder the sun shines that's where you melt

Kissin', kissin' this big fat ring
Lost our money to the sugar pop king
The catch red dister girls cha-ching cha-ching (?)
Say yr quart now ain't no big thing

Sing sing to me oh sugar pop king
Bring, bring me you know what I mean
Way deep inside is a real ding-a-ling
Crazy, crazy yeah sugar pop king

Some say he's the sun some say he's the jazz
The fibre the ass sees the lover you are (?)
Last stop through to the sugar pop cat
He eats a pie gets big and fat
He know his parents aren't all that
Miauw, miauw with me sugar cat
Rat, rat, rat has made me his grat (?)
A tip of his bond, a tip of his hat
Run, run the sugar pop cat

Run, run the sugar pop cat

The sugar pop cat

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