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Seen It All (Remix) Lyrics

by Franc Grams


Seen It All (Remix) Song Lyrics

Seen It All (Remix) by Franc Grams

You know, no fun in the artist to push his craft
One of these days you will fall between
You know, our ? to this whole sh*t, that's our responsibility
To apply that pressure, demand more
And not let these half ass artists progressively lower the bar
And that's what's been happenin'
Make series of ? 20 rap albums that drop
And you'll find more artists than not
That all of them are just different artists with the exact same sh*t
Same topics and pretty much overall similar tone of production
And we need more, it's time to make up that standard
Ya know? It's crazy
Been a slight cool with this sh*t, but I'm mad again
Keep on scribblin' these rhymes in my pad again
Words in-between these lines that I'm spazzin' in
Tho' I'm knowin' that they fault, that they whackin' win
I should put less time in this rapper sh*t
Cuz these people don't care if you passionate
If you go another bar with the raps you kick
Here innovate songs in yo trackin' list
So I should fall back like ?
Start actin' all weird so it catch a stick
Only you, South beast, dancin' at my wrist
Am I a muthaf**kin' artist or strategist?
As I listen to the radio and hear sh*t playin'
I ain't hear a different topic; I been here for days
The same old sh*t just paraphrased
Like they ain't got sh*t that they care to say
Or do the fans judge art? It's as near as gray
b**ch, it's parin' weight, the sh*t's clearly fake
Well I appear to hate but I can really care less
I just took way more than I can rarely take
Before I really break, I've had enough of this
Can't f**k with this, I mean it's cool in the clubs and sh*t
But I don't wanna be up and whims
My heart is songs Trey, how she sucked yo dick
How yo guns is gripped, how you held the strip
With a bunch of bricks, nigga f**k that sh*t
I want more than real, you know the Lauryn Hill
Gave more to feel through the songs they build
When I last talked these rhymes you caught the chills
It was guap and grills with a thought that killed
That 90 sh*t had more than pill
Battles all the ? tryna win with this dope sh*t
Tryna win with this dope sh*t
Tryna win with this dope sh*t, nigga
Muthaf**ka tryna win with this dope sh*t

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