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Bigger Than Me (Remix) Lyrics

by Franc Grams


Bigger Than Me (Remix) Song Lyrics

Bigger Than Me (Remix) by Franc Grams

Its a lot of sh*t these niggaz like
I aint b**chin , just listen
sh*t, what I just mentioned
Was me clearing my mind , just a second
See, Im just cleansing every part of my soul from depression
These feelings got me stressing
Thats how I accept it
Check it
My brother is still reckless
Just like I except it
I thought a 9 year sentence would teach him the lesson
I figured it wrong
But f**k it, thats my brother ,but hes grown
Niggaz got to learn on their own
Yeah,hes the oldest and its known
Its just a big part missing
Nigga, just wait up
We spear less than 50 % of this life, free
And I know its not the job
But I got speed
But a man is going to be a man
See this and run with it
I couldnt stop the scene
Full of told you so
I was like I know, I know
I wish you wouldnt steal me,bro
So now Im more than being ignored
But the dollars need to be found
So Im silent for now
I leave this sh*t to God
Being a man, its a lot of sh*t on my chest, you know?
Nobody f**ks with a lot of niggaz these days
Im not clicking with the fear much these days
These people love you when you hand stuff
Id rather stay myself and wish my fam luck
Slow haters, a nigga wont help
When you lonely in this world, you must consider yourself
When you strong, people figure that you'll get up yourself
And they ain't wrong; hit 'return' and you can pick up yourselves
I aint a servant
Nor do I give a f**k whos servin
At the very least
Theres a lesson that we learn it
Im all to my flow
I should have ever said Im perfect
But Im sick of putting me aside
Youre being a bigger person
f**k it
And I got my old girl trippin
What you all expect from me?
Got enough for you
But enough is what Ill never be
Im cool with that
But Ive been the same since we met
All of these complaint I dont get
You thought that over time
I might change a bit
But when I did it
I was sure you would turn to a b**ch
Security is my things that you accepted before
A different lady out of nowhere
I stick around and try
Heres the outcome, you lied to me
You were my girl
But Im better off one
You knew this before
Thats probably why were done
Regardless, I still care
So I tell you now Im here
Its call to you, word
Just to make that sh*t clear
So it hurts because of the distance
So you say to let go
If Im here for you
Youll still hit though Im yours
Either state, either way
I just hate it that youre torn
Sometimes it happens, man
Theres always a subject to change, my niggaz
Sometimes it is just what it is
Im around whenever you call me
Im around whenever you call me

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