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Four And Twenty Elders - I Wanna Know lyrics

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I Wanna Know by Four And Twenty Elders

Can you see? Are you free?
I wanna know
You for real? What's the deal?
I wanna know
Can I find peace of mind
I wanna know if it's true
You know that I want it too.
I've been watching you awhile
Something happens when you smile
Little words that mean a lot
I want to get a piece of what you got
I'm not living like I should
Calling all the bad things good
Tell me now there's not much time
You for real? Don't waste my time
I've got enough trouble
Weighing on my mind
Can you show me how to
Do the things that you do?
Tell me what I gotta say
To make this feeling go away
God! I gotta know!
Can you make the pain go?
Tell me all that you know
Don't you see I gotta know
Got to know Love is real.
Every day I find
A little more of yours in mine
Oh please, I wanna know
Every day I see
A little more of you in me
Oh please, I wanna know
Every day I feel
A lot more love and it's so real
Please, I wanna know
Every day I try
To just get through
To just get by
But I'm tired of living life this way
Gotta make this feeling stay
Don't wake me if it's a dream
You're the closest thing to perfect
that I've seen
A little bit of Heaven here below
I want to know can you tell me it's so?
Music: Darnell, Chris, Campagnoli
Lyrics: Trowbridge

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