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Bring on the apocalypse Lyrics

by Forge


Bring on the apocalypse Song Lyrics

Bring on the apocalypse by Forge

How will the world end?
In the final war?
The cards are on the table
Each player hiding more

Who's going to move first?
Who wants it bad enough?
When the risk is greatest
Who's going to call the bluff?

How will the world end?
The base of power grows
It only takes one missile
To start the dominoes

We've always wondered
I'm sick of wondering
I want to live to see
What Armageddon brings


How will the world end?
In a chemical cloud?
A slow choking death
As the sun fades out

Maybe a new plague
Will sweep over us all
With no discrimination
The weak and mighty fall


The paradox
Of human achievement
The further we advance
The closer we come to our extinction

I say we do it
Let's stop waving swords
Let's get them bloody
Let's satisfy the hordes

In every language
There is a word for this
In my lifetime
May I ride into the Apocalypse


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