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Wtf (who Tha Fuck) Lyrics

by Foreijn


Wtf (who Tha Fuck) Song Lyrics

Wtf (who Tha Fuck) by Foreijn

Who the f**k is Yall ?
(Getting tired of them wack raps)
f**k is wrong with yall ?
Tell a b**ch nigga fallback
Make a nigga push ya wig back
What's a mouse to big cat?
What's a gram to a pothead?
I need a ounce just to relax
(Verse 1)
OG in the back
Tell a f**k nigga get back
Tell a hoe get off my sack
Gettin to the money asap
f**k boy , whatcha money like ?
Salute me when you see me coming
You see me stuntin
Bad b**ch with a f**ked up attitude
Smack hoes, to her It ain't nuttin'
West God run It , its nothing to King like me , money steady pilin up like hills round me
Still the same from back in the gap
Same that played house and i was the dad
Same stuff kush all in a back
Same nigga never went for the gat
Same boy who'll put you flat on ya ass
The same nigga smashin hoes in the trap
Same king that only give you the real
Same team , never change for a deal
The same artist that spit what he feels
See, my style ain't that easy my nigga
The one of one , style my nigga
I'm foreijn the flawd one my nigga
The black lion what they call me my nigga
Kush , i don't f**k with the them swishers
Ev and xo is my niggas
For them I will die with my hand on the trigga
My b**ch hella thick , she a baddie from the west
She pop a nigga or a b**ch
She make a nigga come quick
I call her ass a triple threat
She dealing for the west
Shoutout to the west
Shoutout big left
Hol'up !
Take off ya shoes fore you enter my door
Roc on 3 rocks & straight hen in my flow
Money talk only , I'm true to the code
My music so sick , let me give ya cold
(Chorus 2x)

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