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Fordirelifesake - Sometimes Like The Tide lyrics

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Sometimes Like The Tide by Fordirelifesake

The whites of your eyes blind blue but bind by surprise the tired tries of
Trying time and through your teeth cry lines of lies hiding under street
Lights fighthing night time disguise. I can't fight the butterflies, trying
To hide from your eyes. I lied. So long ago, you swallowed your smile to
Break your heart. It was always your best weapon. I could never win, I
Tried, but you keep attempting to anthem that argument again, and again. I
Can see you, aging with beauty, but becoming so ugly. What happened to the
Stars? They just kept fading. Tonight I can imagine that image in most any
Situation, sitting with leaves that leave trees all alone. Still paying
Attention to tension with questions you mention. I never thought you would
Let me fall again. Are you happy this happened, ending in patience? I
Lied, your eyes can't hide. For every other time. I tried, your eyes can't
Lie. Forever always cries. Accepting signs, except for time. Expect
Nothing. I never thought you would let me fall again. Tonight, I can
Imagine that image in most any situation. I lied. I can't fight the
Butterflies. Accepting signs, except for time. What happened to the stars?
They just kept fading.

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