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Forbidden - All That Is lyrics

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All That Is by Forbidden

Nobody says anything, man
The choke is on neck deep
Bring down the reign
Some people talk a good game
Only the strong play to win it
Play on my friend
Game of hypocrisy cheated me
End, end of all the false disharmony
It's killing me
If you're happy to be an ant in the sandbox
You're welcome to it
To this dog you're a flea
Bloodsucker mentality
Kick back and relax
Deny all the facts
Nobody says nothing
Man, nothing at
All that is isn't at all
All that is one day will fall
Make a point of the pointless
Never mind the unseen
Clouds fill your head
Blind without truth or dignity
Harsh reality
The truth will rise again
And they will fall against the truth

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