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Floorpunch - Keep it clear lyrics

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Keep it clear by Floorpunch

Smoke another joint
Drink another beer
Let's get one thing straight
You keep it f**king clear
f**k your brain
Take another hit
I pray to God you OD on that sh*t
Shoot that f**king needle into your veins
Your brain-dead body is all that remains
I f**king choose to keep my mind clear
Your drugs and alcohol don't belong here
You don't know who you're f**king with!
You're messing with the wrong crew!
Blow that smoke in my face, and God knows what I'll do
Your f**king lifestyle makes me sick
Straighten out your act, and f**king quick
I can't understand why you do that sh*t
Cause me and my crew won't stand for it!

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