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The Plague

by Flesh Field


The Plague Song Lyrics

The Plague by Flesh Field

I am the reason for you to live
And I am the one who takes away your pain
I am man's finest day
I am all that you strive to be
I am the silicon skies
I am the truth in all the lies
As told for centuries
I am the chosen one

The one who stands for all
I am divinity
The light that turns the night to day

The screams of the damned are disguised by their form
As they soar through the night through the torturing storm
Shadows move from place to place
And no one in this world is safe from hell

This sadness that envelopes me
I cannot breathe
This anguish which tears at me
And on which I feed
All I had died with you
I writhe in shame
All I had that was true
And I'm to blame

And those words that I long to speak
Are torn from me by my own weakness
I am the king of lies
I am the pain that you can't live without

The silicon skies will fall
As the last man lays in death
The sun will shine no more
As he breathes his final breath

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