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Sadistic Incineration

by Flesh Consumed


Sadistic Incineration Song Lyrics

Sadistic Incineration by Flesh Consumed

Human flesh at my disposal, sacrificed for my amusement
Deranged obsession with fire, my victims I will immolate
Their languished bodies hooked and dragged to the pyres
I receive much delight torching my captives
Smothering them in homemade napalm
I set them ablaze, shackled to stakes, I laugh as they writhe
While molten skin slides off their bodies
My paradise of blackened death
Corpses burnt to a crisp as far as the eye can see
Yet so much work still lies before me
My blood begins to boil with envious hysteria
Absolution of my being, I commit self immolation
Conflagration of my soul
My sick addiction to be consumed by fire
I too must writhe, melt to my core
Claw out my insides, reduce to ash
Charring me outside in, organs swell and burst
Flesh crusts, bubbles and distorts
Intense heat cooks me to the bone
Skull exposed, my brain liquefied
Drains out my eye sockets
Impossible to describe the pleasure and pain
Embracing my living cremation
I wither and implode
This firestorm my funeral ceremony
To mark my passing to the eternal flame

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