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Flesh Consumed

by Flesh Consumed


Flesh Consumed Song Text

Flesh Consumed by Flesh Consumed

I lay the cadaver on the chopping block
Placed on the cutting table inside up
I've bled and beheaded this hollow carcass
Band-saw splitting the body down the centre
Spinal column saw dust fills the air
Human carcass is quartered
Into four primal cuts
Shoulder, rib, loin and limbs
Sliced and diced, marinated and minced
Cutting against the grain of meat
The excess fat is removed
Connective tissue lining is peeled
Thickly fleshed meat is sown into steaks
Shoulder rolled and tied into roast
Juicy breast meat, savored with flavour
Intramuscular marbling
Runs throughout tenderloin
Extremities are reduced
As the muscle is sliced thin
Cleaver in hand, I dice into cubes
Neck processed into human ground round
Meat grinder oozing
Human muscle sold by the pound

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