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Flatbush Zombies - Gucci Gucci lyrics

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Gucci Gucci by Flatbush Zombies

A Key of coke
A pound of shroomies
Got that Molly and that Lucy
b**ch I’m feeling loony
[Verse 1: Zombie Juice]
Woke up in the morning, ’bout to get my pimping on
Log on back page, time to get my b**ches off
My cause up in the kitchen ’bout to get that whipping on
We pour rose but C?roc is what we drinking though
Danked the f**k out, nothing but that sticky though
You niggas got a problem, catch my nine or my.22
Red hair, nice tits, call that b**ch a jungle pussy
Louis this, Gucci sh*t, save that for them sucker rookies
And my weed’s straight from the west
Bag it by the zip, that’s 400 nothing less
Bag it by the P that’s 4000 f**king stacks
That’s racks on top of racks tax free on top of that
5-0 can suck my sack from the front or from the back
Hustle mad, word to Tracy Morgan
Got niggas in your hood pitching for me, f**k informants
My money make money, You niggas kinda boring
[Verse 2: Erick Arc Elliot]
You’s a bad broad but you can’t meet the family
Kick you out the crib the cab number’s on your panty
Before I say another word, tell me where you get the nerve
I got to move these units like a verb
I can tell you turned out super duper burned out
Get your brains blown off Patron what you worried bout
Fiening like a custy, ride it like a huffy
Got these hoes up on my… from the bottom of my Stussy
And I never changed much, you just try to rush me
Now I’m all grown up and regardless baby trust me
I got warrants, arresting my performance
Got you bare assed out, hold up, mama porridge
What you think you smoking on, sort of feel like hope is gone
If you think you’s big now watch it with the focus on
J-Crew Pocket-Tees, fellas made a mockery
And the jive shorty when I go there ain’t no stopping me
[Verse 3: Meechy Darko]
It’s Meechy Ho, higher than some high beams
Eyes blood shot red, I don’t need no visine
Walking dead nigga, take a look at my team
Cash rules nigga, take a look at my cream
Sour maybe diesel green like spinach
Me her and her, we call that a m?nage
So high sight seeing
f**k her once don’t strike twice like lightning
Know ya’ll think like “Damn, Meech is quite mean”
But that’s your b**ch, nigga, she ain’t my queen
She get wet transform like a gremlin
Pussy money weed money weed that’s my medicine
Nigga I’m a rookie but I’m better than them veterans
My b**ches go both ways swing like a pendulum
Reefer lifestyle every day’s a honeymoon
I call her the blood sucker cause she f**k my cousin too
Pills in every color hue, ’bout to roll another doob
I’m in that f**k it mood, I didn’t write the last two

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