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Welcome To My Lucid Dream

by FiO Baby


Welcome To My Lucid Dream Song Text

Welcome To My Lucid Dream by FiO Baby

See Those who broke my balls, they now pay to see my show
Might of hated back in high school, but their girls, they love me so
They be begging for free tickets, I just laugh and tell him no
Ai Yo Karma is a bitch, you tell em FiO Said So, YO

F.I.O Bab, who would of predicted this
Growing up they always told me Michael you aint fit for this
Well now I got a buzz, and some hipocrits aint hip with it
Well I don’t give a fuck, Fuck these motha fuckas, Oedipus

I reminis back to a time not long ago
A time before being filmed and radio shows
Knowing I done did it my, Frank Sinatra I suppose
But I ain’t married yet, to the game I just proposed

Always a step ahead, cause I stay up on my toes
I'm outstanding in my field, something like a scarecrow
Woah, I don’t wear a watch ma, so I ain’t got the time
To bullshit on the side, musics always on the mind

And If you haven’t noticed yet, my tapes are works of art
Every song should spark a feeling, and if not I’ll restart
I hang my pieces for free, there's no add to your cart
I paint because I love it, and my fans, they take part

Yea they seem to understand me, and they tend to relate
I never thought Lost in Time would ever translate
Or better yet escalate to something kids would debate
Thousands of downloads? I was aiming for 8

I don’t compare myself to others, I contrast to my past
If I can be better than myself, then the rest I’ll outlast
They say that judgement day is coming, I believe it has passed
I say that in the present, presently I'm second class

But there's only so much pain that a poet can take
Before he’s overwhelmed and the hate suffocates
I picked up the pieces, my spirits lost no more
Cause I Hansel’ed and Gretl’ed my life back to the door

I’ve never felt so alone, I've never felt these emotions
Every thought is so loud, how do I kill this commotion?
My ears are fuckin ringing, every thought is a decision
I am under so much Pressure, shit I'm losing when I'm winning

Thinkin, Show after show, how could this be a livin?
Gettin high like the sky, Droppin shit like a pigeon
These kids now follow me man like I'm a religion
I'm Actin richer than I am, what up Jeremy Piven

Quiting is easy it's Lucid Dreaming that's hard
Try Getting past your demons, even after they’ve scared
I pray to god every night, to rid my moms of this cancer
But he must have call waiting, I'm still waiting for an answer

I been Beaten down, left to rot, black and blue be the color I rocked
But I got back up, worked round the clock, and I think it's time to take my
Been practicing my aim in the range, made a name in the game, got fame
Yo this is war, it aint acclaim, look what the fuck I became

Changed caused the game became deranged
Those rearranged lies, drove me insane
See I've been duped, I've been conned, but I got a surprise
FiOs snapped, Striking back bitch, Like episode 5

Guess Apprehension is dismissed, cause this rap shit is legitimate
Plus every time I write I get this Tingle In my fingertips and
Every time you say I'm sick, I can not just help but think
Success just may be feasible, got fans, it's unbelievable

Went to school and got the clout, when the game was still a doubt
Wasn’t in the playbook, but I had to run this route
I had to take a chance, 2010 I sorta glanced
Then Lost In Time dropped, and these haters shit their pants

See I use to look up to public figures and famous musicians
Now I stare em in the eye but I still listen
Future envisions…I’m living star like conditions
And I aint looking back, I made my decision

To be the best that I could be, there aint no sign that's stoping me
I play the cards that I’ve been dealt, planning my monopoly
If I don’t beat em on the flop, I'll catch em on the river see
Succeeding’s my philosophy, I think therefore I Socrates

My life’s passing fast, I can see it before me
Change is all around, different chapter same story
I'm walking down a tunnel towards a fork in the road
And the further down I walk, the more my souls exposed

To the future, I admit I'm feeling scared and all alone
Repping 51631, till my coffins closed
Ai yo the past is the past, who done care where I’ve been
I says I'm moving on up like the Jeffersons

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