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Fifty Nutz - Melancholy Madness lyrics

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Melancholy Madness by Fifty Nutz

Blow your ashes away
the dust is coming back again
Sorrow, hide behind your smile
through your eyes, ires can’t pass by
Your past mistakes has never been erased
for all the so long nights I’ve stayed awake
Take away from me all things I’ve said
Take away from me daily routine
Sorry and sad again
A hole in my head, alone in my mind
could you stay away from me when I’m crying
And what’s left inside, tears in our eyes
pain in my heart, sadness in my mind
Silence has never forgot you, what you want to be
It brings me harm, it hurts me inside
I lost myself and I scream to leave the pain
behind my mind I feel inside
It’s gone, nothing, I guess, I’m nothing
it seems to never be ending, going down.

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