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Shut Up [and Hold Me] Lyrics

by Fiaba


Shut Up [and Hold Me] Song Lyrics

Shut Up [and Hold Me] by Fiaba

So she told me
I don't want to lose you to the stars, or push you
back into my arms
I'm familiar with the scars
But I'm lonely
Don't want to choose you or the dark, I'm a prison but
the bars
Are the bottom of a bottle
That I'm holding
Oh I wish it was your body, wish I wasn't such a
Stuck inside this selfish struggle
For my own means
I've been meaning to survive, past survival when I
thrived by you.
So just shut up and hold me
'Cause damn it I'm folding
If you swear that you love me
Then it's better we don't speak
Just shut up and hold me
Just give me the moment
I went from loving you so deep
To having you stolen
I need you to hold me:
Like maybe for a second, I can finally take a breath
Catch a vision of the version that
I won't be
While I'm choking on emotions I'm incapable of
On anything - so shut up and hold me.
[And don't let go]
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