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Farwell - You're Never Too Young To Have A Vietnam Flashback lyrics

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You're Never Too Young To Have A Vietnam Flashback by Farwell

And I can almost see your eyes if I place myself just right
In these secrets only we know will you keep these stories with you
And the lights behind illuminate so for now we'll hesitate
Intentions undiscovered once more
So wait for it. Let's try to time this right
Now hold your breath make sure that you keep quiet
I'm scared that maybe we won't make it out this time
We just close our eyes, take the fall we both deserve
It's not fair, you can't hold it against us this time
We made the same mistakes we all do, you know we all do
Hurry up time is running out. No need to explain what it's all about
It's in here in between the seams and it speaks of conspiracy
I just want to feel your touch that is why this must be done
I wont be betrayed by that certain someone, you know who I mean
Do you think maybe they've caught on
Do you think they'd even notice
I reach out and touch your face in this small and darkened room
Disappear for one more minute all the others they assume
Don't say you have to go because we are just getting started
Don't say you have to go, don't save you have to go
Take my hand we'll make it out
They can't take this from us now

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