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by Farwell


Sunday Song Text

Sunday by Farwell

The sky was gray today and maybe it's coincidence but that's how I feel
And there's no wind to blow my unspoken words to you
They would fall at your feet before you would see them
So I drown in my thoughts and tread in the silence
Waiting for you to throw the lifesaver that you hold

And today doesn't seem much different than days we've had before
And I'm sure when we wake up we'll be lying on the floor
And everything will be all right and everything will be just fine
As long as you say that I'm still yours and you're forever mine
I'll meet you halfway if it's all right with you
Because it takes two to tango and I'm all alone
But the silent words you speak with your eyes that I can't see
Drive endless circles in my mind and it's leaving me speechless
But I always have the last word when I'm talking to myself
Eyes are focused on the gray sky waving goodbye to me

Now I have the confidence to pull the sun from behind the clouds
And make the day much brighter
But not before it rains on each of our faces
So we can wash away our problems with "I love you"
The stars are out now but your eyes they shine much brighter
We lay here holding hands but holding hearts even tighter

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