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Family Force 5 - Party Foul lyrics

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Party Foul by Family Force 5

[Verse 1:]
In my house
We dress to impress
Flip down your collar, man
You look like a mess
In my house
I see you let yourself in
Got no class, you talk trash
You're under my skin
[B Verse 1:]
Don't try to mess with my girlfriend
I'm here to call you out
You try to hit on my girl
That's what I call a party foul
[Chorus 1:]
You just committed your last party foul
You won't admit it, yeah, you bring the party down
Just bought a ticket, yeah, to get yourself thrown out
'Cause you submitted your last party foul
[Verse 2:]
It's loud in my house
So don't you dare turn it down
If you're bustin' up my system
Then you're bustin' up my crowd
At my house
You got to know how to move
And if you can't dance
Get yourself out of my room
[B Verse 2:]
You're talkin' trash to my girlfriend
Hey man that's not allowed
You've been infecting my household
That's your final party foul

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