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Family Force 5 - Hic-A-Doo-La! lyrics

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Hic-A-Doo-La! by Family Force 5

All] I'm gonna grab my girl and head to the beach
[All] Hic-a-doo-la!
[All] We're gonna all hang ten, then maybe then
[All] Hic-a-doo-la!
[Boys] Cause I'm a hic-a-doo-la boy,
[Girls] and I'm a hic-a-doo-la girl
[All] And together it is a hic-a-doo-la world
[All] Hic-a-doo-la!
[Chris] Mr Quagmire, what does "hic-a-doo-la" mean?
[All] What does "hic-a-doo-la" mean?
[Boy 1] Well hic-a-doo-la's that special feeling you get
[Boy 1] when you hold hands with your best girl,
[Girl] It's cheering real loud for the home team,
[Boy 2] It's catching the perfect wave,
[Captain] It's obeying all the rules!
[All] NO WAY!!!
[All] Hic-a-doo-la!

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