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Music Video

Die Twice Lyrics

by Falcon Billy


Die Twice Song Lyrics

Die Twice by Falcon Billy

She said hey baby
And my bed began to shake
She said hey baby
And the earth began to quake
She said hey baby
I could feel myself falling in
She said hey baby
Don't you wanna try again
Been six months since I saw you
Girl I've been dying for you
now you call me up
And you say you wanna be my friend
You left me here in ruins
Now you ask me how I'm doing
How many times do you think my world's gonna end
On the day you left me
They laid me in my grave
Now you send me flowers
Darlin' it's too late
Girl you killed me once
That's gonna have to suffice
Darlin' I don't wanna die twice
No I never knew love better
Than the love we made together
I probably never will
So let that be my curse
Now I really really miss you
But you're talking to a dead man
And it don't get no worse
On the day you left me
Girl I disappeared
Now you call me up
Don't you know that I'm not here
Came on like a heart attack
You took me by surprise
Darlin' I don't wanna die twice
Hey baby I'm not gonna die twice
That night you called and said you'd had it with me
You don't have to live your life my way
You took our bed and put it out in the street
You left me all over the highway
She said hey baby
Are you all alone?
Hey baby
I'm down the corner on the phone
Hey baby
Come on downstairs and let me in
Hey baby
Tell me how long has it been
Hey baby
You ought to see the shape I'm in
Hey baby
I'll make you breakfast in the morning
Hey baby
Tell me wouldn't that be nice
Darlin' I don't wanna die twice

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