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Fabolous - Walk In New York lyrics

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Walk In New York by Fabolous

All my niggas in brooklyn and ya don't stop
Up town and ya don't stop
Boogie down and ya don't stop
Queens and ya don't stop
Staten isle and ya don't stop
Long isle and ya don't stop
Verse 1:
Yo im ridin thsi addiction, yea but it's american made, you know crack rock magnumheroin laid, yess, interiorsuede pearin them blades 06-07 was the year they been made i mean L-O-S-O clearly im paid, white n' canary's is laid very ingrade, ya boy be, wearin them shades, tearin them day wit the tape up on the cesar i aint wearin the fade, ya might catch me in the sharadin lay wit a pretty hoe, one way outta hand a braids and a video, cooler then the air in the shade she's a diddy tho and she likes carry and blaze, kinda gritty yo, stand here and be sprayed hit ya leg and ya make the same screams mason caragin made, better learn bout homes,i got burn out chrome, use it or lose it like burn out foams nigga, and you talkin like it somethin new, i just hopped outta the car that u jumped in to, bitch how u cool as the fella humpin you? when you know he's turnin back to a pumpkin boo, when the clock hit fab, it might get the attention that pac shit grab when i caught mcnabb, but i can tuck the eagle and just rock wit jabs, im quick, nigga you would rather box wit zab, i stay fly they should call me cockpit fab,nigga my swag is on autopilot, hemmy wit the semi had to auto my shit, flyins first bizz auto my shit, scream brooklyn wen i win, just like big did it, bentley in the projects, just like jig did it, nah im really the street la familia , ahhh ahh, im killin ya, most know it's loso

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