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Fabe - It Ends lyrics

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It Ends by Fabe

Verse 1
So clear silver moon,
Wind moves through my room,
Memories of Saturday,
(Memories of Saturday)
Slight turn of her head,
Eyes down when she said,
She's going away,
Going away,
I need to know this,
Am I the fool?,
Am I a victim?,
I'd rather know,
You'd rather kiss him,
Goodnight, tonight,
I'm blinded,
I tried, I tried,
Is this the way, is this the way,
It ends?,
Verse 2
Dark echoes inside,
Can't sleep through the night,
All the words I heard you say,
(Memories of Saturday)
Fade over the yard,
Lay under the stars,
Stuck down in this place,
Hands on my face,
I need to know this,
Verse 3 (This part of the verse goes twice as fast)
Get up, and chase the vision,
Stand up, and watch the world go by,
Ah, ah (The second "ah", is long and stressed)
You found, the feel of reason,
Black clouds, are filling up my sky,
Ah, ah, yeah ("Yeah" is long and stressed)
(This part is half as slow)
Am I the fool,
Am I the victim,
I'd rather know,
You'd rather kiss him,
(Chorus)x2 (Stress the last word in the second chorus)

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