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Evil Army - Conquer Human Life lyrics

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Conquer Human Life by Evil Army

Centuries gone by in a flash
Bring the world down to it's knees
Eternally the sky drips with blood
And comes crashing down on what's left of earth
Abolish human life and turn them all into servants of the dead
And when I do then I can
Conquer life
Say goodbye to your life
Say goodbye to your life
I'm gonna reach out and grab your life
Overrule this pace with fire
Watch it all disappear in flames
I hold your power in my hand
Your life soon to be my life
Cower down to my strength
You gotta be a part of me
And if you don't then I can't
Break every bone in your motherf**king body
It'll be your last mistake that you'll ever f**king make
Three headed dog guards my own hell
The hell in which I rule where I was born
Hand over your soul you slave
Give it all before I take it all away
If your life feels meaningless
Just take my hand and follow me so I can

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