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Touched Lyrics

by Every Day Life (Edl)


Touched Song Lyrics

Touched by Every Day Life (Edl)

Close my eyes tight so your image won't break through
A chance that comes too soon,
To a level of intimidation I will pray for alleviation.
As it continues I can feel the hate inside,
I wish that my feelings could lie.
A victim of an act of outright selfishness,
Now how could this be bliss.
I know that innocence is something that I once had,
My heart bleeds so bad.
I only inherit the filth that he calls a gift,
I try to resist but he still persists
TOUCHED, thinking of a better place while looking into his face
TOUCHED, praying to die and at the same time asking why

Ashamed of myself and my esteem is now void emotions set forth and toyed.
The thought of my beauty has become a fantasy, now I dismantle me.
How could this person of love hope to seek joy,
After all that you've done toy!
The gift you had was something that respect earned.
You couldn't discern now I hope you burn

TOUCHED, by your ignorance
RAPED, by your selfishness
HURT, by your ignorance
You know you did
You lied to me

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